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Suffering From TMJ? 5 Tips On How To Relieve Jaw Pain

If you’re suffering from TMJ, getting the proper treatment is important. Read here to get more information on how to relieve jaw pain.

Dental care is essential to your overall health. In fact, poor dental health puts you at risk for much more serious diseases, like diabetes, and even heart disease.

One of the most unpleasant dental conditions is a temporomandibular joint disorder, more commonly known as TMJ. The cause of TMJ pain is not always known, and it is often due to a combination of factors. This makes it even more difficult to deal with.

Anyone with TMJ knows that the constant aching, tenderness, and pain in your jaw is enough to test anyone’s sanity. It doesn’t just make it difficult to eat, but difficult to live. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Check out these tips for how to relieve jaw pain and improve your quality of life.

1. DIY Massages and Acupressure

The masseter is one of the most powerful muscles in your jaw. It’s responsible for opening and closing it. Giving this muscle a quick massage throughout the day can bring you tremendous relief.

Many people also swear by acupuncture. If you’re not ready for needles, you can try acupressure on those same special pressure points, using only your fingertips.

2. Exercises and Stretches

Just as these two things can help other parts of your body, they can also help your jaw.

Jaw depression, resisted jaw depression, chin tucks, and scapular squeezes are four of the best exercises and stretches you can do in just a few minutes, anywhere you are.

3. Things to Avoid

While limiting your lifestyle may not be the most attractive choice, it’s definitely a way how to relieve jaw pain.

Some people may think chewing gum helps jaw pain, but it does the opposite. Hard foods will have the same negative effect. You don’t have to avoid everything, but items like beef jerky are not advised.

4. Vitamins and Minerals

Through their research, scientists have shown that many TMJ sufferers also suffer from the same deficiencies. Among them, calcium and magnesium are the highest.

To make sure you’ve covered all your bases, try to eat more food rich in calcium and magnesium. You can even take supplements and see if they have any positive effect.

5. Herbal Options

Finally, if you have nowhere else to turn, some people have felt relief by using herbal supplements.

Rhus Toxicodendron should help you with any jaw stiffness, Kava Root will calm your nervous system and hopefully reduce TMJ symptoms, while Magnesia Phosphorica is antispasmodic.

Again, it doesn’t hurt to try multiple remedies and hope that one of them, at least, pays off.

How to Relieve Jaw Pain

Of course, the best way to improve the symptoms of your TMJ is to look to the professionals.

We’ve served the community of Fairfax, VA and its surrounding areas for over 20 years. We provide patients with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere staffed with dental experts who are serious about meeting your dental needs.

There’s no need to postpone your treatment, contact us today to set up an appointment.

2 comments on “Suffering From TMJ? 5 Tips On How To Relieve Jaw Pain

  1. Amanda Drew April 18, 2018 / Reply

    Thanks for pointing out that TMJ is a dental condition that causes pain, tenderness, and aching in your jaw. My jaw has always plagued me, especially when I sleep on my stomach, and I keep on trying to fix it through hot pads and massages. Thanks for pointing out that chin tucks, resisted jaw depression, and scapular squeezes are able to help you exercise your jaw and make it feel better. I think that I may have TMJ, so I’ll need to find the exercises, and I think that I’ll also find someone who could treat it.

  2. Joy Butler July 24, 2018 / Reply

    When my husband arrived last night, he told me that his jaw was aching. I thought it’s just a toothache but it’s not. It really helped when you said that taking vitamins and minerals will have a positive effect. Nonetheless, I will advise him to visit a doctor so he can be properly treated.

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